Vernon Dojo

British Columbia

201 - 1710 Kosmina Rd.
Vernon, Bc.
Phone: 250-260-3320

CMAA Vernon

Vernon's Professional Personal Development Martial Arts Studio


Fall Schedule

Our fall classes begin on Tuesday, September 2nd. Students are asked to return to the class they were participating in prior to summer unless Sensei or Sempai Sue have notified you of a class change.

Okinawa Meeting

We will be holding a short meeting on Friday, September 5th @ 7:15 for all students making the trip to Okinawa in 2015.

Our next belt testings will be held on


Saturday, September 27th, 2014
(check your grading invitation for times and payment due date)

*Full gi’s with crest must be worn at gradings*

Black Belt pre-tests

Juniors – Saturday, Sept 6th @10am
Dan Testing – Saturday, Sept 13th @ 10am

Pre-tests are closed to spectators


...the Dojo will be CLOSED

Monday, September 01st (Labour Day) and
Friday, September 19th (Weapons training on Vancouver Island)

Please ensure that full gi’s are worn again in class. Gi’s must be properly hemmed and laundered. Hair should be tied back as to not interfere with training. Thank you

Kobudo Members:

class returns to Fridays @ 7pm and will run on September 12th & 26th and October 3rd & 24th Please ensure your kobudo monthly fees are paid prior to class.

Kobudo crests are available from Sensei ($30)

Happy Birthday in September

Jack Saxton; Devin Bilodeau; Chantal Ferguson; Kieran Dauncey-Elmer; Zachary Burton; Jomar Barnard; Jaydn Waldron; Lauren Bilodeau; Brianna Teichroeb; Thomas McIsaac; Sempai Sue; Maisa Orosz; Michael Flahif; Shaun Boucher; Max Lockwood; Aaron Teichroeb; Louis Boucher; Will Perrier


Quita King

2014 Student of the Summer

Fund Raisers

In July 2015 twenty-four black belts will be traveling to Okinawa. We have in the past and will continue to help make these trips possible through fund raising. Your support is greatly appreciated

Board breaking & hot dog day on Sunday, September 14th

Payment is now due for all students that have signed up for board breaking. We will post times in the lobby the first week of September. The barbeque will be fired up at 11am so bring your appetite and join us for a hot dog and drink. Save on foods is offering cash back on all groceries purchased in their store. All you have to do is bring your receipt to the dojo, drop it in the jar and we do the rest.

2nd Annual Silent Auction/Wine and Cheese on Friday, November 21st

Your support of these students through an auction donation is greatly appreciated and provides positive exposure for your company. Please speak with Sensei or Sempai Sue regarding donations.

Tickets for this event are now on sale at the dojo for just $10.

All proceeds from these fund raisers will go to the pilgrimage to Okinawa in July 2015.

Leadership Team Practice

Practice will be held on Friday, September 12th from 4:30 – 6:00 for all current members of the team. Students that have been invited to try out for the team are to be at the dojo for a 4:00 meeting.

Tournament Team Practice

Practice will be held on Sunday, September 28th and will be divided up as follows:

A and B team members 11:00am – 1:00pm /
C and D team members 11:00am - Noon

Summer Fun

This was definitely one of the fastest summers yet. The dojo was busy with classes in the dojo and at the park. The summer camp held over 4 days on Texada Island in July was physically and mentally challenging. Our students rose to the occasion and trained hard. Sensei taught a great seminar with the kama which was a new weapon for every student that participated and a great deal of fun. The weather cooperated for some karate in the park in both July and August but unfortunately didn’t hold out for our Super Soaker Saturday. Perhaps we will bring out all the water balloons that Sensei prepared at the board breaking event on September 14th. A very special thank you to Sempai Zach for his enthusiasm and black belt focus teaching classes this summer, great job Zach.


Lower belts will show higher belts RESPECT for they have travelled further on the do and deserve your respect. Higher belts will show COMPASSION to lower belts for they know that lower belts will be more open to their help when given with compassion in order to get to the next level. All belts will show respect and GRATITUDE to instructors for their time and their teachings for these are a gift.